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Foresight Technology Co.,Ltd, is the leading enterprise engaged in the manufacturing of the disposable instruments for gastroenterology and urology, We are also distributing other manufacturers products within these fields in China, to complement our product range, and providing more options for our customers. With our incessant efforts, our young company has been expanding rapidly since 2009.

We are dedicated in improving the products’ quality, to meet our customers’ requirement.

R&D is the top  priority in the company, we are always looking for new technology and using it for our products, in which way we are bringing more value to our customers.

All the products are already CE marked and ISO13485 complied, which makes us manage our R&D, production,marketing with EU regulations and combinate the company with international quality standard.

We are working with our partners worldwide, based on the mutual cooperation, which makes all of us share the top experience in the same field and with this good connection we are growing fast with bright perspective.


16-12,No.18 Hongsheng Road, Jiangbei District, 400020, Chongqing, China
Tel: 008623-86714589, FAX:008623-86714519
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